• What a fish

  • Latest addition to my level only fly box

  • They’re size 18’s so not perfect but I’ll see if they catch on sunday

    • Not only cloudy but cold, too, Andy. Look forward to hearing more about NZ.
      Beautiful flies, Scott, especially on a size 18. No wonder you catch so many fish.
      John G.
      PS Nice and easy to use this website, Andy S. – well done again.

  • Caught a lovely six pound wild brown trout here. Looking forward to coming home to some nice cloudy weather.

  • Dave Stokes-Herbst

    Blimey Andy, not many trees on that one!!!!

  • Nick and I were on the middle stretch on Thursday
    Where we noticed a newly fallen tree which may require looking at (with a chainsaw) on the work party day
    Sunday April 12th

  • Fingers crossed as Sunday is our first training/coaching day on the river
    All are welcome to pop along
    Even if it’s just for a bit of a chat
    But if you can help at all please feel free
    10 am start at the church bridge

  • Had a few hours this evening coaching I would to newest members Simon and Daisy Hill
    Both coming along very well although the river was very low and very clear Simon and Daisy both hooked and lost several fish but only Daisy manage to land two
    Hopefully is been a good introduction to fly fishing for them Borth glad to see they’re now members

  • Great job Scott, that’s how memories and more importantly, future anglers are made.
    (Don’t you just hate predictive text though )

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