• Had a sneaky 3hrs on the river today
    My first fish a grayling 6″ long
    Then a couple of lovely wild spotties

    • Dave Stokes-Herbst

      Tremendous hatch of LDO’s on the river today despite the freezing wind. Started at about 1.00pm and was still going when I left at 3.45pm. Had a dozen on dries with best fish of 12.5″ and 15″.
      Ran into 4 lads spinning on the opposite bank though. They wouldn’t leave – just taking the pee out of me!!!

  • Cracking fish that David, poachers sound bad 🙁

  • A handy number for our members phones
    North yorkshire police
    01904 618691
    And they will respond to poachers

  • Dave Stokes-Herbst

    The poachers were about 14-16 yrs old. Just kept saying I should use spinners and they had permission form the club! When I suggested they only had to purchase a membership for a nominal sum, one wag said “if you come over here I’ll give you a fiver”! I left it when they started peeing in the river…nice!! Just downstream of the sewage works on the opposite bank it was.

  • Makes my blood boil.

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