About Us

Hutton Rudby Fly Fishing Club is a small village fishing club with about 50 members with the fishing alongĀ about two miles of the River Leven, a spate river running off the North Yorkshire moors and joining the RiverĀ Tees near Yarm.

The club was founded in 1920 with the objective of providing local people with affordable fly fishing for trout. Throughout its life it has owed its fishing rights and existence to the generosity of local people. There has also been a remarkable continuity of service as officers of the Club by local people: the first Secretary of the Club was Tom Milburn, the grandfather of the late Barry Milburn, who became Treasurer in 1962 and resigned after 50 years as Treasurer in 2013.


The Club has about 2 miles of good trout fly fishing water on the River Leven through the village and towards Crathorne and a further couple of miles further downstream at Castle Leavington. The River Leven valley is specially wild and beautiful downstream from the village as can be seen in the picture on the home page. As well as enjoying the fishing you can see deer, otters, kingfishers, dippers and very diverse wild flower and plant life.

The Club has a year-on-year river improvement programme in cooperation with the Environment Agency and the Tees Rivers Trust.

The Club waters are open for fishing in accordance with the Environment Agency regulations: 22nd March to 30th September for Trout and 15th June to 15th March for Grayling, the latter on Castle Levington waters only. Fishing is with artificial fly only all fish are to be returned unharmed. Hooks used must have any barb crushed, proper barbless hooks are preferred.

Members may fish as often and for as long as they like.

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