• A wet morning working with good friends
    I enjoyed every minute
    There are now plenty of ropes to help us in and out of the river
    A good job jobed

    • Yes, thanks, Scott and the other 4 members who helped. We also spotted some other opportunities to improve our fishing – in particular about 50 m. of bank which could easily be cleared of light growth would give us another 50 m. of excellent fishing.
      Next time!
      John Gifford.

  • Yes, had a good morning in the rain. Next time somebody gets changed in the barn we’ll have to sell tickets!!!

  • Enjoyed the morning too. Spent 2hrs fishing after, big rise at 1430 sadly only had an hour left to cash in 🙁 9 to hand anyway, no record breakers but good to see some young fish, haven’t seen them really until now.

  • Some evidence of workers present!

  • And again

  • A wet but enjoyable morning and the river looks to be in fine fettle.


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