What has Scott been upto over the closed season?

“I’ve been considering building a rod for some time now but didn’t really know where to start until I saw an advert by Brian (Cumbrian) for a split cane rod at £65… Bargain, I thought, even if it doesn’t turn out well, it is worth a punt at £65.



And so I began the Internet trolling trying to find reel seat, handle, silk and a bit of inspiration on the way. I managed to speak to Charles Hutchinson (Corporate Fly Rods) the guy who actually built the rod and sold it to Brian. I also managed to find out that the blank was built by Chapmans. So now the history of the rod was complete I set about putting it back together hopefully doing a good enough job to honour the previous builders. Which, I hope for my first attempt I may have come close to.



This is the finished result I hope you agree with me.


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