Pam Browarska

Sadly, Pam  Browarska died on Tuesday, 31st October. Pam was a Committee Member of Hutton Rudby Fly Fishing Club for over 30 years, till 2013. She was passionately fond of fishing. She had fished in rivers and lakes in South America, New Zealand, Iceland and Norway. But her first love was the River Leven, for which her love was fiercely protective – against whatever might harm it. Poachers, pollution, bureaucratic delays to improvement – all came under her fire. She was generous, too – always ready to lend rods and flies to youngsters who wanted to start fishing, always there when there was work to be done on the river.

Pam initiated some of the events which had the biggest beneficial effects on the Club in the last 50 years.

It was Pam who suggested David Bell might be interested in buying the land and fishing rights on the River Leven from Yarm Angling Association and allowing the Club to have the fishing rights. She made the first approach to David which eventually brought this deal to fruition. It enormously extended the Club’s waters in the most attractive part of the river.

When the River Leven was seriously polluted with sewage fungus in the 1980s it was Pam who got a team together, including ICI experts on the statistics of quality control, to analyse the quality of all the sewage works outfalls discharging into the River Leven. All were subsequently up-rated and the sewage fungus was eliminated.

Pam was fighting with the Environment Agency to get it to recognise that the fish pass and bridge at the “Sexhow Watersplash” were a barrier to fish moving up Coul Beck to spawn long before we finally got a grant to improve the fish pass.

Perhaps Pam will be remembered mostly as a “Character”: a strong personality with strong sense of what was right and what was wrong and not afraid to say so, passionate about her village, her river and her fishing.

Let us remember her for all this and be grateful that we knew her.

Her funeral is at 11.00 a.m. on Saturday, 25th November at All Saints Church, Hutton Rudby and afterwards at the Bay Horse.


John Gifford, 3rd November 2017