New Online Entry form and Catch Display

After some investigation and prompting, I have discovered a far, far easier way to submit catch returns. As a result I have amended the site. Under Members only there are two items, Show Catches and Submit Catch.  I think they are self evident, but stand to be corrected!  The latest catch submission appears at the top.



  • Just tried to add a return, sorry for double entry but cannot get the number of fish between 4 and 10 inches to show. I entered 14 on both attempts and it is displaying 0. Any idea what I am doing wrong? If the entry can be edited it should read 6 >10″ and 14 >4<10".

  • Hi again Andy, just noticed that I messed up the date too! Should be 2015-07-20, not doing very well am I! Sorry. Once I’ve sorted it all out I’ll submit the rest of the year for completeness.

  • Dave, sorted I think, can you check all looks right. Thanks for debugging…

  • Thanks Andy, that looks right, I don’t know if you can delete the two spurious entries on 20/06? I’ll crack on and submit my other returns shortly. It would be good if this page populates fairly completely as it will give a better feel for how the stream fishes, more so than from the annual return, for example the fact that the grayling seem to vanish shortly after season start! Great job.

  • Hi Andy, just submitted full returns for the year, there are a number of erroneous entries, some of which I don’t know how occurred. They are:
    2015-01-04 entered in error by me, 2015-06-20 both entries should not exist, 1970-01-01 should be dated 2015-04-02 no idea how that happened! and 2015-04-03 should read 12 over10″ not 121!, I hope this can be edited? Dave

  • Dave, sorted I think, do you want to check?

  • Scott requested we have a mobile version for submitting catch data. I have just add this to the menu below the normal catch submission.

  • Thanks Andy, all correct now. Mobile entry looks very useful.

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