• Today was the first day with our local school kids
    The drizzly rain didn’t stop us, all 4 students and parents turned out
    Myself, Jeff Mulroy, Tony Ward, John Pape and a morning session from John Gifford
    All in all it went really well there was no less than 15 yes 15 little brownies caught and at least the same again missed or lost
    Lunch break consisted of sausage buns cooked on the river bank
    Finished around 3 pm although Cameron and Tony can’t tell the time finishing at about 5:30pm
    Daisy and Alex tried out the new chest waders
    I think Simon Hill and Tony Ward may be joining the club as they enjoyed the river so much

  • Great day for the youngsters, Scott and the support/teaching was first rate again. The labours of yourself, Tony, Jeff and the two John’s over the past few weeks has probably generated 3 or 4 potential life long anglers.

  • Outstanding effort guys, sorry not able to help out being, as I am, geographically challenged. This is what our club needs for the future, bravo. Really glad that our finned friends played ball! Sure that the drizzle helped actually 🙂

  • Nick Gray has volunteered to champion this Sunday’s session which is only for the 3 school kids
    Nick and Tony could do with at least one other to help teach if anyone can make it can you contact Nick

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