First outing of the season.

Well I had my first outing of the season tonight, got home from work and got to the river for about 5.45, first cast about 6pm, after such a nice day I was surprised how cold it turned and how quickly.

Couldn’t see see much in the way of rises so I decided to adopt a bit of a searching tactic fishing a gold head hares ear nymph upstream.

I only managed an hour and a half as my hands were freezing cold, my right hand has some nerve damage and muscle wastage from a motorcycle accident many years ago and doesn’t cope well ¬†with the cold so when I managed to cast my nymph into an overhanging tree I no longer had enough dexterity left in my fingers to tie on another.

This was actually a happy coincidence as a local lady decided to exercise her black Labrador by encouraging it to plunge into the river at every available opportunity as she approached me, passed me and continued on downstream doing the same

And then it briefly started to snow !!!! – time to go !

Anyway I ended up with four fish ( all trout ) two around 10 inches and two of about half that size.

I got a photo of one but after that I was a bit concerned my numb fingers might drop my iPhone into watery depths.




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