David Clarke

David Clarke


Sadly we have to report that David Clarke died on 8th March.

David was a member of Hutton Rudby Fly Fishing Club for some 40 years and became a Life Member to help the Club purchase its fishing rights on the River Leven in 2002. For virtually all this time David served on the Club Committee.

David was that most valuable of fishing club members: the occasional fisherman who nevertheless was always there when there was work to be done on the river or to contribute to the Club’s committee meetings and AGMs. For about 10 years he audited the Club’s Accounts produced by the Treasurer

On working parties David was always there with his chainsaw and abundant enthusiasm for the work to be done. In fact his enthusiasm led to his taking a sufficient number of dips in the river for this to be almost expected. I do not remember him ever letting a small matter of a dip to cause him to leave the working party or to lose his sense of fun, though, and he was always there the next time!

I think I am right in saying David lived his whole life resident in Yorkshire with the single exception of his 2 year’s of National Service as an officer in the Army. His was a life-long love of the Yorkshire countryside. He was a long-standing member of the Council for the Protection of Rural England and for some 10 years was Chairman of its North Yorkshire branch. He was a member of several walking groups which met every week and walked in the local countryside – always finishing with lunch in a pub which had to serve good Yorkshire ale!

David brought his love, care and enthusiasm for the Yorkshire countryside to the Club, to its committee meetings and AGMs and all the work the Club’s members undertook. In all the major policy and practical decisions made by the Club David’s contributions to the debates were always constructive, based on his wide experience and on the side of nature – and our members. He was a strong supporter of our buying our fishing rights, the non-stocking policy, the river wilding and all the projects the Club has undertaken to improve the river ecology. Informed, reliable support of this kind is enormously helpful to a Club committee trying to improve the fishing experiences of its members and David always gave it generously.

David will be sadly missed by the Club and by his family and his wide circle of friends, to whom we offer our sincere condolences.

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