An unfortunate and abrupt end to my season

After struggling by for the last 12 months with a tooth ache in my right shoulder

I’m in for surgery this Thursday 19th May to reattach/repair the ligament and shave some bone causing an impingement

4 -6 weeks in a sling

So if anyone wants to assist me into my waders in a few weeks give me a shout and I’ll try to get my casting back to normal

I can’t drive either so I’d need picking up haha




  • Alistair Corbishley

    Oh no Scott………

    I hope the op. goes OK.

    Let me know when you are able to hit the river, and I will try and organise to be a chauffeur for you!

    Take care nd good luck.


    • Scott Hansford

      One of thoughs things really
      Thanks alistair
      I may be able to tenkara with my left hand in couple of weeks

  • Alistair Corbishley

    How is your left handed fly tying as well Scott?

  • Scott Hansford

    I’ve never tried but im sure I will find our shortly


  • Sorry to hear this Scott, and sorry that I couldn’t make our planned outing (family calling) will certainly be in touch and will chauffeur on occasion as needed

    • Dave Stokes-Herbst

      Sorry to hear this Scott. Really bad timing. Shame it’s not getting done in the winter!

  • Scott Hansford

    No worries Dave I’ll be in touch in a few weeks fingers crossed
    It was booked for after Aug 15th but a cancellation came up
    Had to take it (only 11weeks to the wedding) herbie

  • if its any consolation its usually a very successful surgery

    and you could always look at it as an ideal opportunity to learn to cast with your other wing

    good luck

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